Trison Technical Solutions is a leading provider of technical services with a broad range of solutions to fit our client's needs.  Our approach to outsourcing goes beyond the traditional  to actually integrating into our clients existing workflow to manage their non-core technical functions.

When a client establishes a partnership with Trison Technical Solutions, they are partnering with an organization steadfast on producing cost reductions throughout their technical operations.  We deliver a carefully defined and managed solution that is designed to meet the needs and goals of their organization through lean processes, recruiting, load leveling, and labor force management.

We adopt our client's standards and quality system, and then we in turn train our staff accordingly. We work with our clients to become a seamless extension of their organization by identifying a common vision and goal.

We take on the responsibility for what we inherit, identify the “ghost layer” surrounding working practices, and commit to the continuous improvement of the organization's processes with the highest degree of customer satisfaction


Technical Solutions


Our solutions are designed to handle variations in workload and skill sets while reducing internal training, employee development and severance costs.


Our clients are able to minimize fluctuations in internal human capital and increase flexibility within their organizations.

Trison's technical management and staff  committed to a client's support operation are full-time, fully benefited employees, so there is never a question of co-employment.

These are just a few of the features that enable Trison Technical Solutions to provide our clients with quantifiable gains in quality and operational efficiency, at significantly lower cost.

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