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Our Human Resources Solution provides a cost-effective choice to delivering comprehensive benefits with minimum commitment to your organization's time and manpower.

Managing human resources cost-effectively is critical in driving operational performance for an organization. In today's economy, outsourcing is a  way to turn strategic goals into reality faster and more effectively than ever with measurable returns. The management of human resources is one area that lends itself so well to outsourcing.  If you consider that 85% of companies who outsource human resources have become more profitable (PricewaterhouseCoopers), it makes sense to speak to Trison about how we can help you.

We offer an economic and comprehensive payroll solutions for small to mid-size businesses. With the resources and expertise, Trison can handle all of your payroll needs from payroll input to customer service. When a client enrolls in our payroll service, they receive accurate pay checks ready for signature and distribution. We include employee earnings statements complete with current pay period and year-to-date wages, taxes, and adjustments.  We also provide payroll journals that detail current payroll information.  If requested, you can receive department summaries with month-to-date payroll, a cash management report to outline timelines, payroll expenses and tax liabilities, and payroll worksheets to record your next payroll.

Trison offers to deposit your federal, state, and local taxes, plus file your quarterly and year-end returns. We take on the responsibility for the accuracy and on time delivery of all deposits and returns.

Our Human Resources Solution can help you implement the necessary policies and procedures that can reduce your organization's exposure to legal problems.

The following are services offered to help reduce your organization's exposure:

Workers' Compensation:  Our Human Resources Solution can help you budget your worker's compensation insurance premium expenses by off loading the time-consuming administration with automatic budgeted payment and avoiding large up-front deposits associated with workers' compensation insurance.  Using an organization's current payroll information, Trison will calculate, per-pay-period, your worker's compensation premiums, which are based on actual wages per worker classification, and submit your payments on your behalf.

State Unemployment Insurance Administration:  As your payroll provider, Trison can eliminate the burden associated with the paperwork and phone calls involved with verifying employee wage history.  This service reduces inaccuracies by providing accurate and current wage information.  We can also process your unemployment compensation claims and assist you with the determination and hearing proceedings.

COBRA Administrations: The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) extends employee group health coverage at group rates for individuals who lose their benefits due to a qualifying event. Trison relieves the organization from the administrative process by handling all the necessary paperwork in accordance with federal and state laws.

Handbook Services: Employee handbooks give an employee a clear understanding of the organization's expectations, and establish consistent policies to fulfill your legal responsibilities.  Trison provides you with handbooks containing standard and customized company policies. We also provide a service called "Managing with Care" which contains consistent HR procedures to improve communication, provide assistance with the interviewing and selection process, and establish a performance appraisal system.

Job Descriptions: Trison provides you with general job descriptions based on job titles within your industry to help you define employee responsibilities and set performance standards

Drug Screening and Background Checks: You can avoid costly hiring mistakes by Trison performing background checks and providing drug-testing services to help you reduce unnecessary turnover. By implementing these programs, you can reduce your exposure to on-the-job accidents, employee absenteeism, and tardiness.

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